The primary years are a critical phase in a child’s development |Know your strengths and abilities.

The ASDESI program is funded by the 4K and implemented by Interchange Australia and provides services and supports within the Wingecarribee Region which focus on social and emotional wellbeing, helping children, aged 6 to 16 years, with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other Neurodevelopmental Disorders as well as their families gain an understanding of their world so they can function comfortably within it.  

International Day of People with Disability – Join us poolside as we host our annual Interchange Olympics

In Australia we have been supporting International Day of People with Disability since 1996, held on December 3rd each year. This day is aimed to promote and raise awareness, understanding and acceptance by recognising the achievements of people with disability around the world.

At Interchange Australia we take this opportunity to showcase the achievements of our participants throughout the year. It is important to demonstrate the abilities of each individual, goals achieved (big or small) and help to reduce the barriers faced by people with disability and work towards a more inclusive community.

Recycle | Upcycle | Restore, with Interchange Australia

In 2021 Day Options at Interchange Australia commenced a program through Working Wonders called “Recycling / Upcycling”.

Our participants are thoroughly enjoying learning about all aspects of this subject which demonstrates skills which can be transferred to their home life, and we are really seeing the results from improving communication skills, budgeting, negotiation skills, working with various materials, planning and creative thinking.

Making a Difference and Being Apart of a Local Business Making Such an Impact – Meet Jane our New Account Manager

Hello my name is Jane and I am a new account manager here at Interchange Australia. I am originally from Newcastle, living in Germany, Sydney and then settling here in the Southern Highlands 12 years ago with my clockmaker husband and two children. I have been with Interchange for just under 4 weeks now and it has been such a great experience for me so far. I come from a background of no experience in the disability sector and it is really incredible being opened up to a ‘new world’. I love learning about the disability sector and feel so lucky to be apart of something making a difference, and helping people with disabilities have access to what we take for granted in day to day life.