Michael’s Joy

Michael is a go getter. He doesn’t let his disabilities limit him, and his clear passion for music drives him to get whole heartedly involved in the various music programs that Interchange offers. Michael has been a member of Interchange Australia’s original rock band “The Hidden Wonders” for many years now, and in that time his love for percussion has only grown. You haven’t seen happiness until you’ve seen the look on Michael’s face when he gets to sit behind the drum kit…

The RockCan Show & Awards Night 2021

The RockCan Show Premiere & Awards night held Friday 23rd April saw everyone in attendance dressed to the nines for a red carpet event celebrating the release of the RockCan show on screen and the Annual Interchange Australia Music Awards.

A stellar live opening performance by Thomas, Michelle and Heidi “Lean on me” brought the house down before everyone settled in to watch the feature film “The RockCan Show”.

Join Kirsty on her Adventure at Interchange Australia: Alpaca my bags!

Since joining Interchange Australia, Kirsty has continued to make the most of life and it’s not just her purple tops that sparkle, she does as well!
Kirsty has had a strong interest in cooking from an early age when she used to help her mother Debbie cook in the kitchen at her home and work. Kirsty has enjoyed building her skills in the kitchen throughout our Day Options program Cheftastics where she has been enjoying learning about all aspects of cookery from menu planning, budgeting, shopping, and food preparation and cooking as well as serving and enjoying a delicious meal with her friends.