Home Care Packages (HCP)

Home Care Packages (HCP)

Home Care Packages are also funded by the Australian Government and can offer a higher level of care and funding than CHSP. These packages, like CHSP, are designed to help you remain at home longer as well as providing choice and flexibility in the way your support and care is provided.

Support services offered by Interchange Australia Include:

  • Personal Care
  • Domestic Assistance
  • Gardening
  • Home Maintenance & Modifications
  • Social Support
  • Transport

The packages also include access to nursing, allied health and other clinical services as well as care coordination and case

  • Home Care Level 1 – Basic care needs
  • Home Care Level 2 – Low level care needs
  • Home Care Level 3 – Intermediate care needs
  • Home Care Level 4 – High care needs

To access a Home Care Package, individuals are assessed by a professional assessor using a nationally consistent assessment framework. During the assessment process, each individual’s priority for care is determined, and they are placed on a national queue until a package becomes available and is assigned to them. We understand that the process can be confusing, so our team of Consultants at Interchange Australia are here to help you every step of the way. For more information on how Interchange Australia can help you get the support you need call 1300 112 334.

Need more help?

If you would like services outside of or in addition to your government eligibility, Avec Care can offer any private services for a
fee of $65.00 per hour. You can access personal care, domestic assistance, social support, transport, meal preparation, home
maintenance and respite (daytime and overnight). There is no eligibility requirements for this service.