Radio Program

I can’t explain how it feels right now to be in the drivers seat

In partnership with Music FM “Youth Radio”, Interchange Australia offers an opportunity for the budding DJs out there to host their very own Radio program. Our participants are trained in operating the professional radio equipment and software, and can bring their own flavour to the air when they choose the music and topics for discussion.

Tune in to Music FM 92.5 on Tuesdays at 11am to hear Lexi and Jimmy, get through hump day every Wednesday evening with James at 6pm.Then warm up for the weekend every Thursday with Harrison and Heidi at 4pm, and cheers to the weekend it’s FriYAY with Thomas and Michelle at 4pm every Friday!
If you’re interested in joining in the fun or hosting your own show, we would love to hear from you! Just contact us on 1300 112 334 or