Drama Programs

Drama in Day Programs - Show Stoppers

Aimed at building the skills of participants in the stage play performance sector, experiment with acting, prop design and script writing. Discover the diverse world of live performance and work towards the annual Stars on Stage performance. 

Drama Classes - Stage Fright Players

Where natural born performers shine! Have you ever dreamed of starring in your very own original stage play? Or wanting to nurture your script writing skills? If so, then this is definitely the place to be. Stage fright players is held weekly on a Wednesday evening and led by renowned drama teacher with decades of experience in the industry, you are guaranteed to unveil your true star quality. 

Stage Fright Players is split into 3 ‘blocks’ per year, production 1 – which is decided by the team at the start of the year, Drama Games & Workshops – which allows some time for everyone to hone in on their technical skills and have some fun, and then the annual Christmas Production.

BLOCK 1 – Production 1

When: Wed 17th Jan 2024 – Wed 8th May 2024. Sat 11th May 2024 (Performance)

BLOCK 2 – Drama Games & Workshops

| Improv | Mime | Comedy | Drama | Make Up | Stage Design | Costume Design | Puppets |

When: Wed 29th May 2024 – Wed 21st August 2024

BLOCK 3 – Christmas Production

When: Wed 11th Sep 2024 – Wed 11th Dec 2024. Sat 14th December 2024 (Performance)