“It’s all about the people for me” | Kylie’s Story

RPA, Liverpool and Sutherland hospitals were my stomping ground. I was a registered nurse for 10 years, specialising in gastro surgery and vascular surgery. I’ve always been a people-person, I’m definitely a big talker. My Dad always used to say to me as a kid “Kylie you talk too much!” – but I guess that has come in handy in my professions.

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Vinnie – A Friend to All

Like so many others, Vinnie’s family are marvelled at the progress he has made since joining Interchange Australia’s day options program.

Vinnie attends the full array of Interchange Australia’s Day Options programs and is loving every moment learning with such wonderful enthusiasm!

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Mary-Anne’s Story

Mary-Anne is a lady with Cerebral Palsy who commenced with Interchange Australia early 2014.

Prior to becoming a client of Interchange Australia Mary-Anne worked at Welby Garden Centre four days per week, Mary-Anne rarely socialised outside of work aside from with her family and lived a very solitary life.

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Join Kirsty on her Adventure at Interchange Australia: Alpaca my bags!

Since joining Interchange Australia, Kirsty has continued to make the most of life and it’s not just her purple tops that sparkle, she does as well!
Kirsty has had a strong interest in cooking from an early age when she used to help her mother Debbie cook in the kitchen at her home and work. Kirsty has enjoyed building her skills in the kitchen throughout our Day Options program Cheftastics where she has been enjoying learning about all aspects of cookery from menu planning, budgeting, shopping, and food preparation and cooking as well as serving and enjoying a delicious meal with her friends.

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