Seniors Week 2021

Let’s look after our seniors and give a little back. NSW Seniors week is all about taking care of our seniors, celebrating their life’s contribution to society and helping them navigate their way through the services available to assist them to continue to live independently for many years to come.

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Living the Dream – At Work

Why do we show up to work? What makes us come back, even on the hard days? If you ask other support workers these questions, the answers you get are not “I do it for the money” or “It’s just easy and convenient for now”.

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The RockCan Show & Awards Night 2021

The RockCan Show Premiere & Awards night held Friday 23rd April saw everyone in attendance dressed to the nines for a red carpet event celebrating the release of the RockCan show on screen and the Annual Interchange Australia Music Awards.

A stellar live opening performance by Thomas, Michelle and Heidi “Lean on me” brought the house down before everyone settled in to watch the feature film “The RockCan Show”.

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Good News Story | Michelle – Interchange’s Star

It was obvious from the very first time I saw her that she belonged on the stage. I first met Michelle at a drama workshop day that Interchange was running as a weekend activity. She was in hot pink from head to toe, and acted her way through a challenging and hilarious improvised skit with ease. I watched on as she brought the slightly more timid actors and actresses to life, always encouraging others to give it a go and be their best. It’s not often that you meet someone who is able to do that to a whole room full of people, just simply by being themselves.

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“It’s all about the people for me” | Kylie’s Story

RPA, Liverpool and Sutherland hospitals were my stomping ground. I was a registered nurse for 10 years, specialising in gastro surgery and vascular surgery. I’ve always been a people-person, I’m definitely a big talker. My Dad always used to say to me as a kid “Kylie you talk too much!” – but I guess that has come in handy in my professions.

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