Day Options January – April 2024

Our January – April 2024 Calendar is out for Day Options – now with a second campus location in Goulburn!
At Interchange Australia our Day Options programs are tailored to your individual needs, goals, abilities and interests, keeping you at the forefront of every program planning decision made. Our greater variety of outcome-based programs and activities on offer each day gives our participants more control, choice and flexibility with what they do each day.
The added choice enables participants to work more effectively towards their personal and NDIS goals by focusing on the programs which work best for them and activities which are suited to their personal interests and abilities.
If you’d like to come join us at Day Options, contact us and ask to speak with one of our friendly consultants who can help you get the services you need. 

ACTIVITY KEY - April - July 2024


Improving day-to-day life skills such as money handling, organising and preparing meals, budgeting and self-care, for a greater capacity to live independently.


A relaxed group reading session with individual participants reading aloud to the group a variety of novels and stories chosen by the group.


Learn valuable skills such as menu planning, utilising home grown produce, budgeting, grocery shopping, hygiene, food prep and cooking. Followed by a delicious meal to share with friends at Day Programs. Tasks are assigned each session to individual participants aiding in improving communication skills and working together as a team.


Tailored to individual client ability, this program is designed to aid in the development of reading and comprehension. The program curriculum ranges from more interactive use of signing for those who are unable to verbalise and phonics for those learning sound identification and letter association, through to more advanced reading of novels and group discussions about the story and comprehending its meaning. As part of this program participants also take part in creative writing activities based around personal interests and work together for a group learning experience.


Learn a variety of living skills throughout the week which are aimed at improving your independence. The living skills offered at each of the houses are based upon individual capabilities always ensuring safe practices. We focus on domestic activities such as washing, hanging, ironing and folding laundry, safe and effective cleaning, health and hygiene, making beds, tidying up both inside and outside the houses, including gardening and looking after the house pets. We also look at other areas of living independently such as grocery shopping, budgeting, paying bills, sewing, posting items and utilising public transport.


Aimed at improving your interpersonal and communication skills as well as establishing connections and building relationships with others both at Interchange and within your local community. This program is tailored to meet individual participant needs and abilities throughout each term and focuses on goal setting and actively working towards achieving those goals. To include activities around personal development, i.e. utilising public transport, communicating effectively with others, food and nutrition.


Community participation is encouraged to expand social experiences, community access and develop communication skills.


Offered each week we have a variety of low-cost outings and activities available. Some are provided in house and others will be out in the local community. Activity schedules are released to Day Programs participants monthly and include art, science, baking days, in house movies and disco days as well as movie outings, lunches out at local cafes and restaurants and activities like bowling and mini golf or shopping days.


It’s the perfect setting to relax & unwind while enjoying a great meal and some fabulous conversation with your friends at Interchange.


Held at The Venue Bowral every Wednesday afternoon, learn script writing, directing, prop design and live performances. Led by Mandy with decades of experience, you will reach performer level “Expert” when you join The Stage Fright Players!


Unleash the rock star within! It’s time to take it to the next level with your vocals, instruments, stage hand or roadie skills – be apart of a band, rehearsing weekly and doing live performances!


Maintaining and developing knowledge with fun and stimulating programs that promote active learning with achievable goals.


In a world which thrives around technology an important part of being independent requires the effective use of technology. As such participants will learn the basics of computer use in this program such as use of Microsoft suite and setting up email as a form of communication. As participants advance through the basics, we will commence working on some personal interest research projects and look into free online courses of interest that they can sign up for. 


Interchange Australia’s music program features classes that range from teaching you the basics of learning about rhythm and beat through to more advanced lessons at a one-to-one level on your instrument of choice including vocal lessons and group sessions and being part of a band. Part of learning about music also involves learning the correct care of instruments and equipment, as well as setting up sound and audio equipment for each class. We offer classes catering to all skill levels led by fully qualified music teachers who are experienced and accomplished musicians as well as experienced support staff. Please refer to our music brochure for more information.


Interchange Australia’s Drama program involves writing scripts for performances, prop designs, costume and make up right through to getting up and performing on stage. Individual participants are free to choose their level of involvement in the production and are not required to perform but can be involved in more of the “behind the scenes” activities. Our drama program works alongside our music program in Day Options and is aimed at actively engaging our participants to effectively work together as a group and assists with the improvement of communication skills.


Giving back to your local community through volunteering and donation drives with local charity groups. Building relationships and expanding networks as well as gaining local knowledge of services available to you. This program also includes local library visits and various other learning opportunities.


A comprehensive approach to achieving optimal health and wellness through fitness, art, self-expression, and more.


Keeping you active with a variety of healthy low-cost activities which rotate throughout the year including golf, bowling, walking, swimming, yoga, zumba and a variety of group sports tailored to individual abilities. 


Attend your local gym with a group of friends at Interchange under the guidance of a personal trainer with casual sessions (no membership required). Gym memberships are also available and we can also provide a 1:1 service outside of Day Programs if you wish to take your workouts even further.


Explore a variety of different art and craft activities using various materials and techniques, learn to use specific mediums in your work and creative expression. Discover and explore sensory aspects to a diverse arrangement of tasks and projects and engage within a team to complete larger artistic projects. Creative Creations gives space for imagination, self-expression and creative thought that enables everyone to participate, learn and upskill their artistic ability.  


  • Where are these activities offered?
    Interchange Australia has Day Programs properties located in Bowral, Narellan and Goulburn – activities run on a term by term basis and differ each day at each location.
    Contact our office on 1300 112 334, your Account Coordinator or email us at to find out more.
  • What should I bring?
    Each day you will need a water bottle, morning tea, lunch and a sun protection unless otherwise specified.
  • How to pay
    You will receive a monthly invoice with any extra charges incurred for activities, and this will also show the NDIS charges for that month of service.
  • Cancellation Policy
    Cancellation by the Participant:
    Any changes to scheduled services will be required to be in writing;
    Failure to provide 7 clear days, as per the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits will result in Interchange Australia reserving the right to proportionally recover of the cost of service.
    Cancellation by Interchange Australia:
    Interchange Australia will notify the participant/participant’s nominee at the earliest possible time when a support service cannot be provided or needs to be changed.
  • Getting in touch
    During Business Hours: You will need to call our head office on 1300 112 334 and your information or query will be passed onto the relevant person(s). Alternatively you can email your Account Coordinator.
    For urgent enquiries outside of business hours, you can contact our on-call service on 0447 750 836 for Southern Highlands and Narellan areas and 0458 965 491 for Goulburn.
  • Sickness
    As some people have a lowered immunity and are susceptible to colds, flu and/or infections, it is required that those who are unwell refrain from attending until such illness has passed.
    If you become unwell during the day, staff will contact your family/carer to collect you.

    Contact you Interchange Australia Account Coordinator and let them know which activities you are interested in and which location you would like to attend – they can then let you know which days and where they are offered.