Social Connections

Social Connections

Orchard tours, beach trips, lunch at some beautiful venues and days in the Valley, go places you haven’t been in a while or see something new. Social Connections is a great opportunity for you to establish new friendships while enjoying a change of scenery, lots of conversation and laughs with all your needs catered to by our fully qualified and experienced support staff!

Interchange Australia’s Social Connections program is designed for over 65s and is funded through My Aged Care with a small daily out of pocket contribution depending on the outing or activity. We can take care of all your transport needs with our pickup and drop off service making this the a completely stress free social outing.


Here is what some of our regulars have had to say so far:

“I really enjoy these trips and make sure I’m booked in each week, they keep me active”

“The staff are incredibly kind and courteous, they are always on the move going above and beyond to make sure we have everything we need each day”

“I am really enjoying getting out and about to places, seeing and doing things I haven’t done in years”

“I have met so many new people and made some wonderful friends on these outings, we always have a great conversation”

“I am having so much fun and look forward to each week’s outing”


Contact Ashley on 02 4868 6688 or email for more information.

Check out our current calendar!

Take a look at what’s on for the month of March. Every Wednesday we have someone new and exciting for you to do, interested in joining in? Contact Ashley today on 02 4868 6688 or send an email to