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For the past eighteen months life as we knew it has changed dramatically, and right now in NSW we are currently in the hardest lockdown we have experienced to date!

To most of us feeling isolated is new, we have been living our lives able to go wherever we want, whenever we want, hanging out with friends and family, going out for dinner, travelling if we want to, even simple things like going shopping and much more.

Pandemic or an Epidemic?

The difference between a pandemic and an epidemic, is that a pandemic has spread across multiple countries and geographical areas.

Sometimes here at home, COVID-19 has felt more like an epidemic, as the initially effective policies of state and international border closures and low case numbers lulled us into a false sense of security. The Delta variant has burst our bubble.

Meet the Team at Le Plan Manager

Hi my name is Sarah and I have been with Le Plan Manager for just over a year. I am a Wollondilly local, being brought up in the Couridjah area. I have been happily married for 25 years and have 4 gorgeous sons who are all adults now living close to home, with one getting married next year and also expecting my first grandchild in two months! I really enjoy living in the Southern Highlands area because of the country-like atmosphere you get without being too out of area, I can get everything I need within an hours drive in all directions.

A caring and fun person with a wicked sense of humour | Ryan’s Story

Ryan is a 30 year old man who has a moderate intellectual disability, epilepsy and an endocrine condition which affects his bone /muscle development. Ryan has been with Interchange Australia for over 10 years, he currently attends day Options 5 days a week, Respite 5 times a month and also has morning and afternoon support 5 days a week. Ryan really enjoys gardening, pruning, and absolutely loves getting outside to water the new vegetable garden beds every day that everyone has created at Travis house. In fact I caught him outside yesterday doing just that!

The Therapeutic Benefit of Animals

The Interaction between animals and humans has been proven to increase brain chemicals that decrease blood pressure and initiate relaxation. People with sensory disabilities have been seen communicating more easily with an animal, their experiences with animals encourages them to communicate further in their future interactions with humans. Animal’s assist people with autism and have been used as tools to learn vital communicational and social skills such as empathy and expressing love

Meet Amanda, Interchange Australia’s new Rostering Coordinator

Meet Amanda, Interchange Australia’s new rostering Coordinator.

I am a Bowral resident through and through, I was born and bred here in the Southern Highlands and I have stayed here my whole life. I love the atmosphere of the Bowral, country living but just busy enough to be lively, all my family is around me which makes it feel even more like home. I love how Bowral is close to the city and close to the coast, the perfect in-between location for all kinds of adventures, living and relaxation.

Day Options Holiday Adventures June/July 2021

What a great school holidays it has been! Our Day Options Holiday Program was a huge success. We had a big variety of Holiday Adventures this June/July and everyone really enjoyed each day. We opted for COVID safe options due to the current situations and everyone had a really great time with all the different activities each day. Everyone cannot wait for the next school holidays full of friends, laughs, adventures and fun.